About Us


Our Company started its activities in 1958 in Jerusalem,  then it moved to Hebron . In the year 1999 we operated under the name of RAZ Industrial and General Trade Co. Ltd.

RAZ is involved in cutting tools, abrasives, hand tools such as machine maintenance and repair tools, general maintenance and building tools, in addition to power tools and fasteners. Our company offers services through its retailer stores and a distribution channel that covers most areas of the country. Currently and according to the needs , we are looking forward to covering neighboring Arab countries. Since RAZ was established, its main aim is to develop the industrial and service sector through exploring the industry needs of equipment and technology. We do the best to provide such needs on time at competitive price and keeping the high quality at the same time. RAZ also seeks building a large base of highly skilled technicians and starting close cooperation with them by providing technical support.

Word of the Chairman 

A good- quality work that could be carried out in a relatively short time is only done when fully- equipped and reliable work environment is available. The quality of tools used in the job determines the efficiency of the job itself. Accordingly RAZ is committed to supporting the industrial sector by providing high- quality hand tools in maintenance sections of industrial plants and workshops. Those Tools meet modern industry requirements.

RAZ provides technical support to organizations and individuals who seek achieving professional work. This is done through highly-qualified technicians who in return provide good service to customers.

Mr. Izz-edein AL-Zaghal